Constantly changing Jupiter is always an interesting target. Below is three sketches made during this spring when Jupiter has been comfortable situated in the evening sky. The first one was made on 30 March 2015, UT 19:30, using a Skywatcher 10″ dobsonian and a TeleVue Nagler zoom 3-6 mm. The seeing was quite good allowing for a magnification of  240x. The Great Red Spot showed up well and displayed a warm orange tint. At the time Jupiter’s moons where in double conjunctions with Europa and Io on the eastern side (left i sketch), and Ganymede and Callisto on the western.

The second sketch was made on 3 April 2015, UT 18:30, equipment as above. Seeing was average and I had to settle for a magnification of 200x.

The third sketch was made on 8 April 2015, UT 19:30, equipment as above. The GRS was just emerging at the western limb. Not sure why, but I have managed to exaggerate its proportions, and also to darken its surroundings a bit to much.

Jupiter 30 mars 2015 Jupiter 3 april 2015 Jupiter 8 april 2015

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