Jupiter-Venus Conjunction

The conjunction was observed on the evening of 30 June. At the time the sun had just sunken below the horizon so the sky was still bright (not that it ever gets very dark during the Swedish summers). The sky was clear but I had some interfering altocumulus to the west. Eventually the clouds drifted away, making room for the celestial display. I used my SkyWatcher 10″ for the observations. The first sketch was made with a Baader Hyperion 24 mm eyepiece (50x, FOV ca 80′), the second with a Hyperion 13 mm (92x, FOV ca 44′). At the eyepiece the two planets took on very different appearances. Venus, being the brighter of the two, shone in brilliant white, showing its crescent phase very well. In comparison Jupiter was duller, its disc displaying a brownish hue. Despite the lack of contrast the two main belts were quite distinct. Some lingering clouds made for at nice forefront.

Konjunktion Jupiter och Venus 30 juni 2015
30 June 2015, UT 20:20.
Konjunktion Jupiter och Venus 30 juni 2015_2
30 June 2015, UT 20:30.

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