Orion nebula

One of several sketches I have made of the Orion nebula. At the time of the observation the transparency was sub-standard (at my site about 5.8) and dropping from ZLM 5.5 when I set out, too 5.3 two hours later when I finished. I still managed to catch a lot of details in the nebula.

Sketch made on 17 February 2013 using a GSO 16″, a Baader Hyperion 13 mm, and an OIII-filter.

Inspired by a remarkable drawing made by Leopold Trouvelot in 1874 and discussed in Joseph Ashbrook’s The Astronomical Scrapbook (p. 386), I later decided to focus on the bright central region of the nebula. At this time transparency reached ZLM 5.7.

Sketch made on 11 January 2014 using a 16″ GSO, Baader Hyperion 13 mm and 8 mm, and OIII- and UHC-filters.