Lunar II overview

The Lunar II list was created by the Astronomical League. While the AL’s Lunar I list takes aim on beginners, the Lunar II list wants to challenge more advanced lunar observers. To some extent the Lunar II list overlaps the Lunar 100, but offers a lot of additional targets (or sometimes tasks).

A logbook compiled by Mathew Wedel can be downloaded here.

Below is slightly edited version of the list. The targets are preserved, but the writings are shortened to better fit the blog format (and my sketching habits). Note that some targets counts as several observations, e.g. a full moon sketch ticks off no 1-3. The right hand column gives corresponding number for targets that also appears in the Lunar 100 list.

Links in the list leads to sketches published on the blog. So far I have observed and sketched 21 out of 100.

No Task Description or Target Name L100
1 Full Moon (prominent features) L-1
2 Ibid L-1
3 Ibid L-1
4 Alpetragius
5 Arago
6 Arago Alpha & Arago Beta L-32
7 Aristarchus Plateau L-22
8 Baco L-55
9 Bailly L-37
10 Beer, Beer Catena & Feuillée
11 Bullialdus, Bullialdus A & Bullialdus B
12 Cassini, Cassini A & Cassini B
13 Cauchy, Cauchy Omega & Cauchy Tau L-48
14 Censorinus
15 Crüger
16 Dorsae  Lister & Smirnov (Serpentine Ridge) L-33
17 Grimaldi Basin outer and inner rings L-36
18 Hainzel, Hainzel A & Hainzel C
19 Hercules, Hercules G, Hercules E
20 Hesiodus A L-81
21 Hortensius dome field L-65
22 Julius Caesar
23 Kies
24 Kies Pi L-60
25 Lacus Mortis
26 Linne
27 Lamont L-53
28 Mairan
29 Mare Australe L-56
30 Mare Cognitum
31 Mare Humboltianum basin L-70
32 Mare Insularum & Sinus Aestuum
33 Mare Marginis
34 Mare Smythii
35 Mare Spumans
36 Mare Undarum
37 Marius Hills L-42
38 Mersenius L-44
39 Milichius Pi
40 Mons Gruithuisen Gamma & Mons Gruithuisen Delta L-49
41 Mons Rümker (Rümker Hills) L-65
42 Montes Agricola
43 Montes Cordillera
44 Montes Foucault
45 Montes Rook
46 Montes Recti, Teneriffe & Spitzbergen
47 Mösting A L-61
48 Promontorium Archerusia
49 Regiomontanus &  Regiomontanus A L-46
50 Rabbi Levi
51 Rima Aridaeus L-29
52 Rima Cauchy L-48
53 Rima Hadley L-66
54 Rima Hesiodus
55 Rimae Hippalus L-54
56 Rimae Janssen L-40
57 Rimae Triesnecker L-35
58 Ritter & Sabine L-38
59 Sacrobosco
60 Schiller, Segner, Zucchius region L-59
61 Sinus Amoris
62 Sinus Asperitatis
63 Sinus Concordiae
64 Sinus Lunicus
65 Stadius & Stadius Catenae
66 Taruntius L-31
67 Timocharis
68 Vallis Rheita L-58
69 Wargentin L-43
70 Wolf
71 Any polar crater (above 80N or below 80S)
72 Clavius & its internal craterlets L-9
73 Ibid L-9
74 Davy Y L-51
75 Delaunay
76 Mare Crisium L-10
77 Messier, Messier A & rays L-25
78 Montes Jura
79 Ibid
80 Müller and craterlet chains
81 Thebit, Thebit A & Thebit L
82 Vallis Alpes
83 Earthshine (identify any major features visible in shadowed portion) L-2
84 Limb feature(s) that depict libration
85 Ibid
86 Conjunction of Moon and bright star or planet
87 Byrgius A near lunar sunrise (or sunset)
88 Byrgius A near lunar midday
89 Proclus near lunar midday L-12
90 Proclus near lunar sunset L-12
91 Rupes Recta near lunar sunrise L-15
92 Rupes Recta near lunar sunset L-15
93 Tycho near lunar sunrise (or sunset) L-6
94 Tycho near lunar midday L-6
95 Statio Tranquillitatis region (Tranquility Base)
96 Another Luna, Lunakhod, or Apollo mission site
97 Another Luna, Lunakhod, or Apollo mission site
98 Occultation of a bright star (ingress, egress or graze)
99 Lunar eclipse
100 Ibid
A Series of sketches that show daily phase/position change (3 or more days/nights at approximately same hour)
B Two or more sketches, taken one month or more apart, that show change in Moon’s path w/ respect to landmark(s) on the local horizon
D Solar eclipse
E Lowland area with one or more colored filters
F Series of sketches at one-hour intervals that show the terminator passing over a prominent feature