L97: Inghirami Valley

Lunar features are always challenging to sketch, but some are more difficult than others. Still very much a beginner, I find highland targets close to the limb almost impossible to do justice. Or rather: I can sketch them, but the results looks like crap. As this sketch of Inghirami Valley.

The valley is adjacent to Inghirami crater (to the left in sketch) and can be found close to the moon’s southwestern limb. It is radial to the Orientale Basin, and it was formed by ejecta from the Orientale impact. At the time of the sketch it had a very squarish outline, giving the impression of at lunar airfield (without the air).

Sketch was made on 26 September 2015, UT 20:00, using a SkyWatcher 10″ and a TeleVue Nagler zoom 3-6 mm. Seeing 2/5 improving to 4/5. South is up.

There are two additional valleys in the area, both associated with the Orientale impact: Baade Valley, just south of the Inghiram Valley and hinted at in the sketch, and the Bouvard Valley, slightly to the west.