Triple Conjunction October 2015

On normal weekday mornings there are no time for astronomical observations, but this morning the cat woke me up half a hour before the alarm was set. After feeding her I looked out the kitchen window towards the east, and was treated with Venus at it’s very best, supported by both Jupiter and Mars. The triple conjunction was set on a crispy and velvet black sky and crowned by magnificent Leo.

The magic of the moment is lost in my sketch, but at least it capture the event. Leo is drawn free hand, and the proportions are a bit off.

Observed naked eye on 21 October 2015, UT 04:00. From the left: Mars, Jupiter, and Venus.


In addition to the observation presented above, I have sketched the conjunction on three different occasions.

Left: 24 October 2015, UT 05:00. From top to bottom: Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Sig Leo. Middle: 27 October 2015, UT 05:10. Jupiter, Venus and Mars. Right: 28 October 2015, UT 05:20. Jupiter, Venus and Mars. Note that even if the spatial relations between the planets are about right, the scaling and rotation differs somewhat.

Mars map

During the spring of 2012 I was engaged in an observation project devoted to the planet Mars. My ambition was to make enough observations during the 2012 opposition to be able to create my own map of our neighbour. And this is the result.


For the observations I used my GSO 16″ dobsonian and a BGO 9 mm eyepiece (seeing permitting I also used a BGO 5 mm). In total i made ten observations, each stretching for about a hour.

To create the map I used a photographic map in the same projection to transfer my different sketches to a master sketch. The new sketch was then edited i Photoshop.

Below is one of the original sketches (CM about 45°).